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We do NOT give any support for Chinese Android BOX systems 1/8GB as of 01.11.2018 and 2/16GB as of 01.12.2018. You may use it but without our help and guarantee.
Thank you for your understanding!

We officially support only Smart IPTV app and GSE IPTV app. Other apps are not supported by us and you will not receive support and help. You may use app which ever you wish, but there is no help from us nor guarantee for those other than above mentioned if something doesn't work.
Thank you for your understanding!

Doesn’t matter if you have a 50/100/200 Mbps connection as that speed is internal from your ISP to your home . You do not know what the external speed is .
It will also effect on your ISP connection during peak time hours ( too many users using same ISP in your neighborhood is a big problem as all will be on the same line .
Before contacting us check the following :

  • If you have buffering on 1-2 channels , you may contact us so we will check
  • If its more than 2 channels , then its an internet / device problem

  • Switch off modem/router and check again

  • If your device is not a Magbox , check the IPTV Universum line on PC using VLC Media Player

  • If problem persist then call your ISP to do a hard modem reset

  • If you still experience problems then IPTV is not for you . IPTV does not work like Youtube/Netlfix , if connection drops 0.1% you will have buffering. Connection must be stable at all times .

  • Watching our service over VPN or Proxy is FORBIDDEN. Users that try to watch over VPN/Proxy will have their account blocked for 12hrs. If secound attempt is tried, their account will be disabled.
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